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Start-up companies require tailored attention to the new and sometimes unique challenges that emerge daily.    While a new company may not need or is able to afford full-time financial leadership, it needs seasoned financial talent to guide its emergence and stabilization as an ongoing enterprise. 

Key Benefits

  • CEO can focus on business development and strategy.
  • Business plans provide direction and vision.
  • Translating plans into the "story" creates investor awareness and interest.
  • Professional due diligence response enhances image.
  • Reporting and controls provide much needed direction.


Fortius has the experience to navigate an emerging enterprise through the start-up phase of its life cycle.  While every company can be unique in many ways, certain functions must always be successfully executed to enable a company to achieve its objectives.

CEO's focus

  • Providing daily operational leadership while supporting business development enables the CEO to be strategic.
  • Let Fortius leverage your CEO's time.

Business plan and financial projection preparation

  • Informative, thoughtful business plans and projections create the internal road map for an enterprise.
  • Fortius can develop business plans and projections tailored to your operations.

Investor presentation development

  • Experience with the financial community provides the context to develop appropriate messages about its clients.
  • Fortius can assist you in developing an effective presentation to potential investors. 

Due diligence assistance

  • Responsiveness to a range of investor inquiries, from legal to operations to financial, can shorten the time between term sheet and funding.
  • Fortius is prepared to help you be responsive to investor due diligence requests.

Identification of possible funding sources

  • Familiarity with the investor landscape can prove valuable when funding becomes a necessity.
  • Fortius can help identify private and institutional investors depending on your needs.

Design financial reporting and control system

  • Although certain accounting and reporting principles always apply, each type of enterprise - start-up, mid-size, high-growth, large multi-unit, or multi-national - has unique requirements that required customized design.
  • Let Fortius design systems that work for your enterprise.

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